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Ouyang Tiansheng: Because of love we become to be kind, char

Release Time: 2019-08-26

Greatest kindness is like water, water brings all benefits to all kinds of things without getting payment.



What is the most precious thing in the world? The great French writer Hugo said that it is kind. Yes, this is something that everyone can't give up.

For Ouyang Tiansheng, kindness is "helping others without asking for rewards, that is the best way for people and oneself."


Ouyang Tiansheng


He is an enterprising and miraculous industrialist. He is a philanthropist who is grateful to others for giving back to the society and focusing on the endless groups of the disadvantaged. He is the CEO of OuTao Technology and the chairman of Foshan Poyang Chamber of Commerce, Ouyang Tiansheng.

Ouyang Tiansheng was born in 1968 in Poyang County, Jiangxi Province. In the year of 19, he resigned from the official position of state-owned enterprises under the eyes of others, and chose to work in the south. In 1994, with his personal courage and self-confidence, he began his first business inhis life - a red brick factory, but which was closed due to various reasons such as fluctuations in the international economic situation.

However, the dream sprouted again from the cracks. In 1999, he came to the southern pottery capital with only 20 yuan left in his pocket.  With the help of the landlord and friends and relatives, he quickly seized business opportunities and established a ceramic diluting agent factory. Go through all kinds of hardships, he is still braved with courage, more than 20 years of struggle left countless heavy marks.

Today, OuTao Technology's marketing and service organizations throughout the world, production and sales network is board. With the implementation of the business strategy of “region layout – product layout – industrial layout”, Ouyang Tiansheng has formed Ou Tao Chemical, Cultural Media, Hotel Catering, Real Estate and Trade Industry sectors, and has professional media such as Ceramic Information

and Ceramics China,Xinou International City, Xinou Home Plaza, Jiangxi OuTao Real Estate and other real estate projects,which has built a diversified development pattern. OuTao Technology has won the honors of “Guangdong High-tech Enterprise” and “Guangdong Private Technology Enterprise” and has received great attention from the industry.


The business sea rises and falls the turbulent current,  the heart is full of gratitude when we looked back again.


As an industrialist, he is courageous, Meanwhile he is also emotional and has broad-minded.


In OuTao, he advocates that enterprises should be like a warm family, supporting and accompanying each other.Until now, he still can't forget those passionate years.He used to mention that no matter how late you came back from outside for the business, OuTao had food for everyone and saved the best for the last colleague.Although the conditions are difficult, he gives endless love to every employee during the life and work.

Do not forget to return to society when we are rich, success add luster for charity.

With experienced all kinds of hardships,Ouyang Tiansheng still has a heart that is bright and help the poor. Since  OuTao Technology has established for 20 years, under following the concept of “charity first”,he has been doing a lot of good things silently.


Every trickle makes a river.


Disasters are ruthless but people have love, whether 2008 Ya 'an earthquake in sichuan, or the 2010 Yushu earthquake, Ouyang tiansheng actively led OuTao staff to join the donation, earthquake relief.


Since 2007, he has repeatedly donated money to his alma mater, Hunan Urban Construction College, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, and he has never forgotten the reward of education.


Donated 10,000yuan to Huan Urban Construction College

Established OuTao Scholarships

In 2016, on the occasion of poverty alleviation in Jiangxi Province, Ouyang Tiansheng promptly gave a hand and donated 50,000 yuan to support the construction of a health and family planning service room in the village.


Donated 50,000yuan to the health and family planning service room


The health and family planning serive room


There are still many things like this. In the face of the society's reputation, Ouyang Tiansheng just smiles lightly.


As an outstanding entrepreneur representative in Poyang, Ouyang Tiansheng has the most simple and authentic motion of gratitude. While leading OuTao technology to diversify and expand, the public interest perspective is also expanding, and formed into a deep gratitude culture of OuTao, which penetrates into the blood of every OuTao people.


Ouyang Tiansheng is a low-key and pragmatic socialist who helps the poor. He leads the company to pursue dedication and great love!


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