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Ceramics China Profile
Ceramics China Profile

Ceramics China was formally established in foshan Guangdong province on 18th October, 2002, which is the first industry portal of the earliest development industries in Foshan.

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Ceramics China was formally established in foshan Guangdong province on 18th October, 2002, which is the first industry portal of the earliest development industries in Foshan. With the popularization and development of Internet in this industry, Ceramic China always stands at the front of the industry to provide Internet business system construction and promotion support for the ceramic industry. With the industry precipitation and resource integration over the past 16 years, Ceramic China has become the only Internet business platform with the same industry media function in Foshan.

一、Core Advantages
1. Ranking first on the website in this industry, the current share is 5, which can ensure that the company's propaganda manuscripts are permanently searched  in baidu homepage headlines.
2. With 16 years of the influence of the accumulated platform and wide resources from all walks of life, we can make all efforts to serve enterprises to help them build their brand.
3. There are about 15,000-20,000 natural IP traffic headcounts per day.
4. Staying on “top ten brands of ceramics" list for 9 years, we occupying the first place in baidu homepage for searching at any time a year, which have strong publicity and promotion effect.
5. Merchants helper platform is currently actively used by 4000+ dealers online. Dealers shall release 6-15 pieces of investment demand information every day, and the average number of successful contracted by the platform is 20-30 per month. (VIP member brand enterprises can log in to view their contact information and actively connect all potential agents.

二、Star Products

1. "Top Ten Brands of Ceramics"
The top ten ceramic brands list last for 9 years continually, Beijing's top honor hall awarded awards every year (Great Hall of the People, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, National Convention Center, Political Consultative Hall), patronize hundreds of brands, help their brand construction and development.

2. Investment
The earliest professional website investment platform in ceramic industry. There are about 20,000 natural IP traffic every day, 4000 agents active in the platform by Ceramic China. Agents independently release agency information, platform will match member brand with enterprises, promote negotiations and cooperation, finally complete the signing.

3. Terminal Research
Ceramic China cooperates with China ceramic industry association marketing branch efforts to create a large terminal market research project. Make fully use of platform channel business resources to conduct one-on-one interview research on ceramic tile agents, home decoration companies, home hypermarkets, real estate developers, collection platforms and designers.
  By visiting more than 70 cities nationwide, 10 days one city, we invite about 30 agents one-on-one interview research; Before the end of the survey, we will hold a forum of "one city, one activity" each city, dig deeply into the current situation and trend of "channel reform" and "consumption iteration" of the industry, figure out the current situation of industry channel operators and product popularity trend, and obtain accurate data.
4. Keywords Optimization and Network Marketing
Strong technical supporting can help enterprises "keyword optimization" and "the whole network marketing promotion" in baidu, ensure the brand and website to promote through baidu homepage ranking and the whole network coverage.
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