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OUTAO enterprise at the Rimini International Ceramics Exhibi

Release Time: 2006-10-08

OUTAO at the Italy exhibition  


The Italian exhibition has always been regarded as the vane of the world's ceramic development trend, and it is also a pilgrimage site for many domestic companies to observe and learn. Chinese ceramics companies want to break their heads into the Italian exhibition to open this window into the European market. Rimini, Italy, will hold a ceramic machinery and pigment glaze exhibition every two years. It is more than 60 kilometers away from the Bologna Ceramics Exhibition. Nearly 30 chinese companies are exhibiting here this year . As one of the enterprises of this exhibition ,Outao Inorganic Matrial Co.,Ltd has captured the business opportunity and many cooperation is under negotiation, for this the reporter of ceramic information news interviewed the Outao copamy specially . 


Reporter: As one of the exhibitors of this exhibition , how do you view this exhibition ? 


Outao :  We are here with the opportunity to learnning . Italy has always been a country of design and glaze. The company in the same industry has a long history, rich experience and good atmosphere. It has a larger platform than the domestic industry. Secondly , The brand effect has been formed, and it can attract more potential customers continuously, with absolute advantages. Howere , as a first-line enterprise of domestic inorganic materials, Outao has advantages in scale and sales volume, especially the rapid development of domestic and international marketing networks, which makes outao become the advancer of the same industry in China.This time, we participated in this exhibition, aiming to learn the advanced technology of foreign brothers in the same industry, strengthen exchanges, and push domestic technology to the international market.


Reporter : Outao company has made great achievements in ceramic additives ceramic pigment and ceramic glaze in China, has set up many factories and offices all over the country, and there are also more stable market customers in the Asian market. Can you tell us which market your company is more valued?


OUTAO : What we value more is the potential market.Since its inception, Outao has created a win-win situation as a value trend. We are more concerned with a mutual learning and communication, coupled with internal efficient management,

So that our sales in the domestic market quickly open ,  in consideration of cost, customer service and other issues, four branch factories have been opened in the country to better serve customers.  

For foreign markets, with the completion of the domestic market network system, the company set up the export department at the beginning of 2005 and began to formally develop into foreign markets, and achieved remarkable results, especially the rapid occupation of the Asian market, which surprised domestic counterparts. At present, we are very competitive in the Asian market and enjoy a good reputation in more than ten countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

However, such a rapid leap is not enough, but the market is set in a potential and challenging market, such as the European market.


Reporter : Outao's participation in Italy is a breakthrough to Europe. What is the difference between the European market and our domestic market and what can we learn from it ?


Outao : There are many things to learn from, Our participation in Italy is because Italy as a country with a long history in the pigment and glaze industry,  has rich experience and a platform for informationization and industrialization. which is incomparable with China's pigment and glaze industry. Howere , from the situation of outao's exhibition in Italy,  the cost performance of China is more advantageous than that of European countries in the same industry, and the quality is not inferior to them. It is such an absolute advantage of cost-effectiveness and rapid technological improvement that the countries with advanced technology in these industries feel that China’s enterprises in the same industry are their threat, and the other small part is because they do not understand China’s rapid development. Therefore, they don't pay attention to this market area in China, so they will not be interested in products, But as long as Chinese companies find a breakthrough, I believe that in the near future, the international market share will be bigger and bigger.


Reporter : How did foreign countries react to Chinese companies at the Rimini exhibition?

Outao : In addition to the above problems, from our company's point of view,

 due to our high enthusiasm and high integrity of customers, there are foreign businessmen who give us a very good evaluation of outao's integrity. Of course, we will be the same for any business, because business must pay attention to integrity, let alone in foreign countries to do a good job in detail, to show the world an excellent China.



There are also many foreign merchants interested in our products, and many cooperation is under negotiation. Believe these achievements is the best foreign view of our Chinese enterprises!

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